“I thought I wanted to go to a different school and was unsure of what I wanted to study. The TRiO Talent Search Program at Alpena Community College and my advisor chatted with me about my goals, strengths and how I wanted to translate that into a career. Having an advisor is like having a personal assistant to guide you through a very overwhelming college process!”


Ally, Central Michigan University


“Funding college is a huge concern for a lot of students. The TRiO Talent Search Program helped me with fee waivers for applying and test taking workshops to get prepped for the ACT.”


Maddie, Lake Superior State University


“Working with my advisor gave me a clear path towards what I needed to do to get into the college I wanted to go to. He gave me scholarship options, deadlines and help with filing all sorts of paperwork. It was nice to have guidance and not any unwelcome surprises.”


Tyler, University of Michigan


“I toured a few different campuses with the TRiO Talent Search Program and I found my new home at Grand Valley. It was the campus visits that ultimately made my college choice for me and TTS helped me get there.”


Julia, Grand Valley State University


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