Campus Tours

Take Away from Campus Visits – Fall 2022

TTS members who attended fall campus visits share feedback from their trips. Participating in these events helped them realize the importance of:

  • Dorm size matters
  • Getting out and seeing campus in-person
    • feeling the “vibe” of campus
    • realizing size of campus matters
    • envisioning what campus life would be like
    • discovering extracurricular activities/programs offered
      • do they offer my program of interest?
  • Comparing advantages of campuses (smaller university to larger)
    • Smaller campus offer:
      • a better fit for people who get overwhelmed in a crowd
      • buildings are closer together
      • smaller class sizes and instructor-to-student ratio
    • Larger campus offer:
      • more opportunities to interact with a wider variety of people
      • greater distance between building means time management is crucial
      • larger class size and instructor-to-student ratio
  • Eliminating/falling-in-love with campus
    • “Now I know I don’t want to go there.”
    • “I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go [here] until now.
  • Learn about scholarship opportunities
    • FREE money available
  • Some campuses allow pets

Photos from 2021-22 Campus Visits

Fall 2021, TTS members were given the opportunity to visit the campuses of Lake Superior State University, Northern Michigan University, Grand Valley State University, Saginaw Valley State University, and Central Michigan University. TTS members visited Ferris State University in Spring 2022.

Campus Visits resume spring 2023.